Gardening Gloves for Women Flexible & Durable

  • Product Code: Mills-TRG-306

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Material : Spandex
Durable Leather Gardening Gloves for Women: Cowhide leather palm for tough and hard wearing, thorn-proof for picking weeds with thorns, anti-slip palm makes it good for gardening, trimming branches, whacking weeds, taking out trash, just about anything. Flexible & Breathable Work Gloves: Stretchable spandex back keep your hands cool and comfortable on the job, won't get too hot in the summer, and you can also do something a bit precise with your fingers. Adjustable wrist strap ensures the perfect fit for safety and comfort, keeps dirt and debris out of work glove. general use: Material Handling, Rigging, Hand Tools, Driving, Gardening, Construction work. Safety Cuff Construction Work Gloves : Short slip-on cuff for easy on and off for safety work. Leather Performance Hybrid Glove - Rugged and comfortable, provides the protection and durability for gardener, truck driver, with the fit and dexterity of a performance glove.

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