Men Women Long Cuff Strap Warm Ski Gloves Waterproof Snowboard Gloves

  • Product Code: Mills-SG-2506

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1. Anti-slip. The palm of our ski gloves are made of elastic PU material, which has strong grip and anti-slip function, which can ensure you have enough safety in outdoor sports such as skiing, mountaineering, and snowmobile.
2. Waterproof and snow-proof. The outer shell of the gloves are made of high-quality waterproof material, which keeps hands dry at all times during long-term exercises.
3. Super warm. High-quality velvet filling and fleece lining can provide you with warmth in your hands in cold outdoor sports. Elastic wristband and one-pull closure can better lock the temperature of the hand and prevent cold wind from attacking.
4. Washable. Don't worry about the impact of the gloves being soiled during outdoor sports. Our gloves can be simply washed by hand in clean water, and then hung to dry after washing. Be careful not to use washing machines and dryers.

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